What to Know Before You Choose a Collision Repair Shop

First, keep in mind that your vehicle is a reflection of you. The last thing anyone wants is to spend a lot of money getting collision repairs performed only to find that the results don’t match the rest of your paint or you can still see dents. 

Make sure you’ve done your research on the shop you choose and that you’re comfortable with their reputation and their results.

Direct Repair Facility

Working with a direct repair facility can make the process a lot easier, and will give you some assurances regarding their quality. Only trusted facilities that have a reputation with an insurance carrier will be granted direct repair facility status, and we’re glad to say we’ve earned that status with many carriers. 

As a direct repair facility for most insurance companies we are able to expedite the claims process, do a lot of the work and communication for you and prevent you from needing to get multiple quotes from multiple different facilities before your claim will be paid. 

You can trust any direct repair facility to: 
  • Meet an array of training and certification requirements 
  • Have advanced frame and unibody repair equipment  
  • Strictly adhere to relevant EPA guidelines  

Helpful Tips

  1. Don’t drive your car if it’s not safe to operate – if you get in another accident as a result your insurance may not cover it.
  2. Your insurance company can’t force you to use a shop they select.
  3. You DO have to give the insurance company a “reasonable amount of time” to inspect the damage prior to repairs 
  4. Beware of low estimates as they may not include necessary repair items and parts.
  5. If you get two estimates that are drastically different be sure to ask why.
  6.  Make sure the shop has the right equipment and certifications, such as unibody repair equipment and I-Car or ASE-certified technicians.
If you have any questions about collision repairs, our services or our capabilities, please call us at (607) 722-0484.
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